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Consumer Products & Plastics: A Common Bond

From the bottles and jars that hold medicines and food to children’s toys, disposable silverware and all kinds of packaging, custom plastics manufacturing produces them quickly and efficiently. Plastic has become the go-to material for making consumer goods, where its versatility, durability, and natural characteristics are unrivaled. Planning for the future and meeting consumer expectations has also expanded methods and materials for manufacturing consumer goods by embracing more environmentally friendly options, including support for post-consumer recycled products and bioplastics.

Why Are So Many Consumer Goods Made with Plastic?

Plastics are a natural fit for making countless consumer goods because they are:

  • Budget-friendly — With so many material and method choices, there’s a solution for every budget
  • Versatile — Numerous resin formulations and additives offer nearly endless choices
  • Long-lasting — Resilient and durable
  • Easily recycled — Many types of plastic are easily recycled to be reused again and again
  • Lightweight — Reducing transportation costs
  • Safe — Resistant to chemicals, impacts, abrasion, and other hazards, plus many non-toxic formulations
  • Environmentally friendly — Bioplastics and recycled resins offer more sustainable solutions
  • Colorful — Most plastics can be colored to match your needs
  • Strong — Some products can be stronger than their metal equivalents

Why Choose Injection Molding for Consumer Goods

There’s a reason (or a few!) injection molding is one of the most popular manufacturing methods in use today. Advantages of injection molding include:

  • Minimally wasteful — Virtually all plastic used ends up in the product
  • Cost-effective — Especially over long production runs
  • Quick — Many parts can be molded per minute
  • Consistent — Parts can be reliably made over very long production runs with no loss of quality
  • Sustainable — Bioplastics, recycled materials and other options 
  • Customizable — From mold design and material choice to finishing steps, plastics can bring your product to life just as you imagine it

At Jing Wei, we are committed to partnering with you to create your plastic products from design and prototyping through finishing and delivery. Contact us today to learn more about our custom plastics manufacturing and sustainable solutions.