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JINGWEI’s main product materials

ABS features and uses

The feature of ABS are Impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and with excellent electrical performance. The secondly processing as surface treatment on ABS is available,such like electroplating, welding and heat pressing, adhesive ability.

General grade ABS for manufacturing gears, bearings, handles, machine cases and components, various instruments, computers, recorders, televisions, telephones and toy etc.

The flame retardant grade is used to manufacture electronic components such as computer terminals, machine shells and various household appliances and electronic device etc.We would obtain these plastic parts through the injection molding technology .


PP features and uses

Our factory provide one-stop solution from injection mold manufacturing and product design, rapid prototyping and finished part production to quality control, assembly and customer care.

PP material main properties are the lightest plastic material than other ones, non-toxic and tasteless, good flexibility ,good chemical resistance and with beautiful surface gloss which is conductive to put color on it .However, it has with low dimensional accuracy and shrinkage

Polypropylene is used to manufactured such as various automotive parts, bicycle parts , pipes ,flanges ,chemical containers, mechanical, pump impellers,electronic and instrumentation and so on . Also widely used in food, medicine packaging and the manufacture of daily necessities because of its non-toxic properties


PC features and uses

Polycarbonate is an engineering material, which has particularly good shock resistance, thermal stability, glossiness , bacterial inhibition, flame retardant and pollution resistance.Furthermore ,it has good insulation and strength in a wide range of temperature and humidity environment .

PC is mainly used on Electronic and electrical appliances, building industry fields, medical equipment , medical apparatus ,aerospace

We are the professional injection tool maker who specialize in custom plastic injection molds for the creation of customized PC components and parts.


Nylon features and uses

We are the 10 top plastic and rubber mold supplier from Xiamen,China,as the 15 years rich experience injection and silicone rubber compression Molding molder ,we provide excellent quality and durable Polyamide 66 components and accessories produced from delicate mold machines in the plant

Nylon 66 is as know as PA 66,is one of the most important engineering plastics in the world. It has the advantages of high mechanical strength, high stiffness, high melting point, high wear resistance, high oil resistance and good heat resistance. But due to its strong water absorption it leads to size unstable and poor performance.

It widely used in transportation, medical devices, electronic industry, daily necessities, sporting goods and other fields.