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The Colorful World of Custom Plastics

It’s no secret that the color of a product or its packaging is a critical element of its design. We rely on colors to quickly identify brands, styles, sizes, and so many other details about the products we use every day. Luckily, most resin formulations used in custom plastics manufacturing can be colored to suit your needs. Here are some answers to common questions about entering the colorful world of custom plastics.

What Colors Can Custom Plastic Products Be?

The short answer is that the sky’s the limit and all colors are available. In reality, however, each plastic resin varies in its ability to be colored. If color is a critical part of your product’s design, your resin options may be more limited, while if the type of plastic resin is more important, your color options may be more limited. We can help you find the best options to create your products.

How Are Colors Added?

While there are multiple techniques for adding color to injection molded plastics, they all require coloring compounds to be added to the resin before the molding process. Different coloring methods are available for different resins.

What Are Common Reasons to Color Custom Plastics?

Besides the obvious visual appeal, some reasons to add color to custom plastics include:


  • Preventing light exposure
  • Color coding
  • Safety features

Is Precise Color Matching Possible?

For resins which are suited to it, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, exact color matching is possible. Other resins may have a more limited range of coloring options.

Can Sustainable Plastics Be Colored?

Yes, many sustainable plastics, including some bioplastics and bio-based plastics, can be custom colored just as their traditional counterparts are.