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The define and purpose of ejector pin

The thimble is generally made of tungsten steel,which is an important part of hard metal thimble.


The injection mold thimble is used to eject the product forming in the mold. It is a cylindrical thimble with the same outer diameter.

It is installed in the mounting hole of the mold thimble. When the plastic  molded product needs to be ejected, the needle extend from the mounting hole. Eject the molded product


It is an injection molding accessory, which is used in plastic mold. What is the ejector? The ejector can also be called push rod, insert needle, middle needle, supporting needle, etc. sometimes the center used in lathe is also called ejector


The Purpose of ejector are :


1) Ejector be used in the plastic mold, the product will be separated from the injection mold, which is also the most commonly used;


2) Hard metal thimble can be used to pass through longer and finer holes;


3) This ejector pin play a stabilizing role in injection mold making procedure,and it is called insertion needle 🙂