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The reason and solutions for material shortage of plastic products

The reason for material shortage.
1. The pressure of the injection molding machine is insufficient, and the injection time is too short.
2. The pressure in the mold is insufficient, it means that the injection pressure loss is too large during the injection cycle.
3. The Insufficient of material fluidity.
4. Poor air escape in the mold cavity.
5.The gate is unbalanced (when a mold has multiple cavities)

The solution
1. Immediately solution : Increase the temperature of the mold and material barrel, and increase the injection pressure
2. Short-term solution : enlarge the gate and increase the flow edge. For the injection mold which with multiples mold cavities, try to enlarge the gate to the cavity which short of material. And also change the configuration of the flow edge,and add gas escape pins to improve the smoothness of the mold.
3. Long-term solution : Trying to avoid designing different thicknesses plastic parts, add the additional gates where the thickness is thick. Better understand the occasion where the parts be used, and use the good fluidity raw material if appropriate.