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The usage and installation of car sun visor

The sun visor is useful.and it usually made by plastic injection mold. The sun visor is the board on the front windshield and rear windshield of the car. Its function are: 1. it can effectively prevent the light from directly hitting the eyes under the sun or the sudden direct light when driving at night, so as to protect the eyes and driving safely


2.The car sun visor is a kind of Auto product placed at the windshield and window glass when the sun shines directly on the automobile


3.This part is designed to prevent the sun from directly irradiating the objects and interiors in the car through the car glass, and achieve the purpose of cooling by reflecting the sun. This product is intended to use the reflection principle to reduce the temperature in the car


The installation steps of the car sun visor are: 1. Insert the plug when there is a light. 2. Insert the base in the marked direction 3. Fix the screws