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What its EDM and WEDM

Tool Making

What its the EDM which named of Electrical Discharge Machining, it including two types.EDM cavity processing and perforation processing. EDM cavity processing its maily used to process cavity for hot forging, die-casting, extrusion dies, plastic molds and rubber about the EDM perforation its mainly used for shaped the holes (round holes, square holes, polygon holes, special-shaped holes), curved holes (curved holes, spiral holes), small holes and micro holes.

What its the WEDM its Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining(WEDM) which combine two ways WEDM-LS and WEDM-HS
While WEDM-HS, use high-strength molybdenum wire, diameter of φ0.02 ~ φ0.3mm , the reciprocate speed of 8 ~ 10m / s for processing. When WEDM-LS copper wire is mostly used, and the wire electrode moves at a speed of less than 0.2m/s for one-way low-speed movement. In wire cutting, due to electrode wire is constantly moving, its loss is very small, so made the processing accuracy more higher. Its average machining accuracy can reach 0.0lmm, which is much higher than EDM processing. Surface roughness Ra values can be up to 1.6 or less.

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